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2020 runDisney Virtual Series

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My first year of Virtual Medals from runDisney…

Honestly, I can’t believe that it has been FIVE YEARS of virtual race. FIVE! That’s insane to me. I was 100% totally on board with the first year – I got the whole big virtual race package and was thrilled with the adorable medals…

But I didn’t actually run.

That was the last year that I purchased the virtual race medals, until last year when they got me at the last minute with the special D23 Black Panther medal. Which, by the way, is still sitting in its box on my desk.

runDisney Virtual Themes

2016 – “Virtual Running Shorts”

The medals featured different parts of the main mouse himself, Mickey. Yellow shoes, red pants, and white gloves… with a special “challenge” medal for completing the set.

Photo Credit: runDisney

2017 – PLUTO!

This was a fun theme, but I sat it out. Especially after spending so much money the summer before and not actually completing the races…

Photo Credit: runDisney

2018 – The Incredibles!

This was fun… and new. I wanted those medals, especially after runDisney posted that picture with my name on it. Literally.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

2019 – Celebrating 80 Years of Marvel

I died. I wanted to do this entire series SO bad but just couldn’t justify the cost… especially with my family preparing for a huge move across the country. But we all know I did eventually cave for the D23 Black Panther promo…

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

2019… Surprise!

And now… 2019!! This year, runDisney did something new. They tweeted back in August that they were going to let US decide on this years’ theme!

I was all excited about this, and still am, even though I doubt I will actually participate… but we now have the big winner… drumroll, please…

Disney Parks Attractions!!

I’m excited. I love attractions. Obviously, the teacups have to be one of the medals… but what else?

… are we getting a hitchhiking ghost medal? Madam Leota?

… Jungle Cruise is going to have to be featured, especially with the movie coming out. That’s a no brainer.

… PIRATES. There has to be a pirate medal. Oh I can see it now, skull and crossbones, the whole nine yards.

… Jose! Jose! We have to have a Tiki Room medal!

… and what about Br’er Fox and Br’er Rabbit?



I would love to say I am going to sit this one out, but I know deep down in my heart of hearts… it’s happening. I’m doing it. But this year I’m going to actually RUN THEM.

runDisney 2020 Virtual Series Events

I will keep you all updated on the 2020 Virtual events here, once we have more information (like the theme for each month… cost… race registration and availability…) I will update this post!

runDisney Virtual June 5K

Dates: June 1-30, 2020

Join us for the first of our summer 5Ks! Put on your running shoes, bring a pal and set off for a course of your choosing. You’ll receive a commemorative medal, and of course, the bragging rights are yours.

runDisney Virtual July 5K

Dates: July 1-31, 2020

Sign up for the second Virtual 5K of 2020! Grab a partner or go solo and head out for 3.1 miles of fun. Your effort will get you a commemorative medal!

runDisney Virtual August 5K

Dates: August 1-31, 2020

Don’t miss out on the last of our summer virtual 5Ks for 2020! Don your running gear and make your 3.1 miles an experience to remember!

runDisney Virtual Challenge

Dates: June 1- August 31, 2020

The runDisney Virtual Challenge includes all 3 Virtual 5K events. Complete them all and clean up—with 3 finisher medals and a bonus 4th medal for the Challenge!

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