Restaurantosaurus – Burgers and Sundae Review

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Settle in for a dino-mite feast topped off with a build-your-own sundae bar!

Our paleontology grad students conspired together to open a fun burger place for everyone to enjoy! You’ll get to choose between gourmet burgers, a chicken sandwich, veggie burger and salad. Side dishes included French fries and onion rings with a house-made dipping sauce. For a sweet ending to your meal, check out the build-your-own sundae bar!

Recently, some of the quick service locations at Walt Disney World have begun to take reservations and offer special dining opportunities – typically only found for table service restaurants. Now, these locations are offering the same service at a quick-service price.

Personally, I really like having an actual plan – a reservation on the books – even when I am not planning on a big sit down meal – so I was very excited about this development!

Right now, you can make reservations at three quick-service locations on Disney property. Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom, Pizzafari at Animal Kingdom, and now Restaurantosaurus at Animal Kingdom.

Be Our Guest is a normal quick service experience (with a little extra magic, of course!) but the dining experiences at Animal Kingdom are “family-style dining” and are just a little different.

Restaurantosaurus Family-Style Dining – Reservations

You can make advance reservations for this dinner online. You may also have some luck with walk-ups! They are only showing availability through November 16th, 2019.

I am not sure if that is because they are planning on discontinuing the dinner, or if there will be changes made… we’ll have to wait and see!

Restaurantosaurus Family-Style Dining – Price

  • $22.99 per adult – plus tax (gratuity not included or required)
  • $14.99 per child – plus tax (gratuity not included or required)

The Disney Dining Plan is available at this location, and one meal would be worth one quick-service credit. At this time there are no discounts (AP, DVC, Tables in Wonderland) available, as this is a new program they are still testing.

One additional note – for 2020, it does NOT show that you are able to use a Quick Service credit for this meal….

Restaurantosaurus Family-Style Dining – Review

We had been looking forward to this meal for a while now… after seeing a friend post on Instagram about her experience, I knew we had to give it a try!

Once you arrive at the restaurant, head over to the left and check in at the podium. They will then hand you a menu where you can pick your meal, sides, and a drink! Tre are five different types of burgers, a plant-based burger, chicken sandwich, or salad. Sides are fries, onion rings, or a salad. My husband and I both ordered the mushroom swiss burger. He got rings, I got a salad.

The kids’ menu is great with a turkey sandwich, salad, chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, mac and cheese, or uncrustable. I definitely appreciated the variety because my kids can get cranky when they want one thing and it isn’t available! My girls ordered a turkey sandwich and mac & cheese.

It’s also important to note that your meal comes with a beverage… typically we stick with water so this was a nice treat! (There’s also booze, if that’s your thing!)

Then they will hand you a cute little chalkboard with your name and table number… and you’re off!

After we ordered our food, our server showed us around the dining room, explained how the sundae bar worked and took us to our seats.

The tables were adorable – covered in paper with stencils and markers and crayons… lots to keep the little ones busy while we waited! … and keeps the husbands busy as well!

Dinner was delivered for the kids with a “dig kit” bucket and shovel… which they were so excited about! Both kids loved their food, and are excited to take their buckets and shovels to the beach…

And now – grown up food! I thought my burger was great, and the side salad was actually the star of the show. I don’t know what kind of dressing they used… but I need it in my house.

My husband said that the burger was “good… but your typical quick-service burger”. He did love those onion rings though.

And now the most important part – ICE CREAM!

You’re given a coupon that is good for two scoops over at the ice cream counter. So, when you’re ready, you cash in that coupon and go to town! They had five different options to choose from: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate-Chip, and dairy-free sorbet (raspberry I think? blogger fail… I didn’t write it down!)

The sundae topping bar was very well stocked and very CLEAN! We all picked a lot of fun stuff for our sundaes… I’m partial to those Mickey sprinkles…

Restaurantosaurus Family-Style Dining – Final Thoughts

We all really enjoyed our meal.

We were not on the dining plan… and couldn’t use any of our discounts… so it ended up being kind of an expensive meal. The good news is the girls actually ATE, so I was happy. Will we go again? ….. probably not. It was good, I definitely recommend it… but it was a little too pricey for us.

If we were on the dining plan then my answer is an ABSOLUTE yes. The value for a quick service credit is phenomenal. And actually – if I can – I will definitely go back when I am there for the Walt Disney World Marathon since we have the dining plan on our reservation!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed they keep this meal on the schedule, and it stays a quick service credit!

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