runDisney Central

Right now, we are currently booking packages for:

  • 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon
  • 2020 Disney Princess Half Marathon
  • 2020 Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon Weekend
  • 2020 Disneyland Paris Princess Run Weekend
  • 2020 Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

The blog posts featured on this page are here for you to get as much information as possible about our upcoming races!

Why do you need to book your runDisney package with a travel agent?

Well… you don’t.  The races aren’t selling out as fast as they used to, and we are no longer able to offer some of the same benefits we could in the past (such as a refund option, or transferable bibs).  So there really is no “need” for a travel agent.  However… even if you don’t need to book your package with me, I think you should want to book your package with me.

I have worked exclusively with runDisney since 2014, booking travel packages and selling race registrations for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.  I’ve sold every hotel property, and have run every race possible.  Park and Preston Travel is my full-time job.  It’s not a hobby, it’s not a side hustle… I wake up every morning with your vacation on the top of my to-do list.

It is my goal as an agent to make the runDisney experience as seamless as possible.  I do all the work behind the scenes so you can focus on training, costumes, deciding where to eat, and what to ride!  I will remind you of important dates, make sure your registration is handled properly, and I am your single point of contact when you need anything at all.

If I don’t know the answer… I know who will know, and I know how to reach them.  My partnership and history with the runDisney team is a huge asset in making sure I am able to meet your every need.

Remember, I work for YOU, not for Disney, and not for runDisney.  I will always do what is in your best interest, and make sure you are very well taken care of!